About Helen Bakes

Have you ever watched a television programme about baking that made it look easy, bought the book, read the introduction and closed the book with a snap? You sigh. It all looks unbelievably complicated.

Or, maybe, you’ve watched a televised baking competition. Thought to yourself how lovely the creations were, how you might like to have a go. Then the voiceover tells you, with great excitement and sense of doom, how, if you get this bit wrong it’ll all end up in disaster. Oh, you think. Maybe I won’t bother then.

Baking appears to be very technical. It seems you have to have the right flour, or a certain piece of equipment, or even a particular oven.

I know I’ve been put off by jargon. By endless lists of equipment. Panicking it’ll be a disaster because, oh good grief you haven’t sieved the flour.

I think baking should be fun. It can uncover a creative side you didn’t know was there. It could be a way of bonding with your child. A way of decompressing after a tough day or, as I’ve found, a way of battling with a low mood.

If you were making a cake for a competition yes, maybe, it should probably be done a certain way. If you’re selling it for lots of pounds then maybe, too, it should be done with a little more time, care, attention.

But baking is for you. For friends, family. And because (I think we can all agree that) homemade cakes are so much better than shop bought.

And for this type of baking I recommend the no fannying about approach. There are no rules.

Just weigh, mix, pour and bake. And don’t worry.

Then eat.